La Maestra Amira Perizad

Amira Perizad (real name Valeria Schiano) is an award winning teacher, choreographer and dancer of Oriental Dance (also known as Belly Dance but it’s not correct name).

She is director of school “Accademia IRIS”  in Portici, near Naples, where she is committed to keeping  alive and authentic the art of Oriental Dance throughout Italy and beyond.


Amira Perizad began with the study of artistic gymnastics for 10 years and getting to compete at national level. During this period she saw a bellydance show and it was immediately love.

She began her studies under the direction of Suad Hafsa and then with Samara Noor.

In the years she has also continued formation, also in other dances, through workshops and events with some of the most famous bellydancers in the world.

In 2012 Amira founded the “Accademia IRIS” in Portici near Naples, a school where to teach, first in this town, the art of oriental dances and cultures.

Soon the school has became a reference point for bally dance throughout Naples and southern Italy.

In 2013 she established her own dance company, Iris Troupe Danse, which currently performe in theaters, events, and shows all over Naples and Italy and is an award winning company in belly dance competitions.

From 2014 she is also artistic director of Zaghareet Festival one of the most important Festival of Belly Dance in Italy and Europe with famous teachers from all around the world.


Actually Amira Perizad teaches in her “Accademia IRIS” school in Portici near Naples and teaches around the world in workshops and stages and performs oriental dance entertainment in Italy and abroad, from Spain to Croatia, from Hungary to France.

If you’re interested to hire her for perform or if you want her to take a workshop you can contact her in this page.

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